A taxonomy generation tool for semantic visual analysis of large corpus of documents

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Taxonomies are semantic resources that help to categorize and add meaning to data. In a hyperconnected world where information is generated at a rate that exceeds human capacities to process and make sense of it, such semantic resources can help to access relevant information more efficiently by extracting knowledge from large and unstructured data sets. Taxonomies are related to specific domains of knowledge in which they identify relevant topics. However, they have to be validated by experts to guarantee that its terms and relations are meaningful. In this paper, we introduce a semiautomatic taxonomy generation tool for supporting domain experts in building taxonomies that are then used to automatically create semantic visualizations of data. Our proposal combines automatic techniques to extract, sort and categorize terms, and empowers domain experts to take part at any stage of the process by providing a visual edition tool. We tested the tool's usability in two use cases from different domains and languages. Results show that all the functionalities are easy to use and interact with. Lessons learned from this experience will guide the design of a utility evaluation involving domain experts interested in data analysis and knowledge modeling
big data, knowledge modelling, semantic visualization, taxonomy development process
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Carrion, B., Onorati, T., Díaz, P. et al. A taxonomy generation tool for semantic visual analysis of large corpus of documents. Multimed Tools Appl 78, 32919–32937 (2019).