Novel MIMO Antenna System for Ultra Wideband Applications

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The design of a 4 x 4 MIMO antenna for UWB communication systems is presented in this study. The single antenna element is comprised of a fractal circular ring structure backed by a modified partial ground plane having dimensions of 30 x 30 mm2. The single antenna element has a wide impedance bandwidth of 9.33 GHz and operates from 2.67 GHz to 12 GHz. Furthermore, the gain of a single antenna element increases as the frequency increases, with a peak realized gain and antenna efficiency of 5 dBi and >75%, respectively. For MIMO applications, a 4 x 4 array is designed and analyzed. The antenna elements are positioned in a plus-shaped configuration to provide pattern as well as polarization diversity. It is worth mentioning that good isolation characteristics are achieved without the utilization of any isolation enhancement network. The proposed MIMO antenna was fabricated and tested, and the results show that it provides UWB response from 2.77 GHz to over 12 GHz. The isolation between the antenna elements is more than 15 dB. Based on performance attributes, it can be said that the proposed design is suitable for UWB MIMO applications.
4 X 4 Mimo, Uwb communication, Fractal circular ring, Pattern and polarization, Diversity, Plus shape configuration
Bibliographic citation
Alharbi, A. G., Rafique, U., Ullah, S., Khan, S., Abbas, S. M., Ali, E. M., Alibakhshikenari, M., & Dalarsson, M. (2022). Novel MIMO Antenna System for Ultra Wideband Applications. In Applied Sciences (Vol. 12, Issue 7, p. 3684). MDPI AG.