5Growth: An end-to-end service platform for automated deployment and management of vertical services over 5G networks

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This article introduces the key innovations of the 5Growth service platform to empower vertical industries with an AI-driven automated 5G end-to-end slicing solution that allows industries to achieve their service requirements. Specifically, we present multiple vertical pilots (Industry 4.0, transportation, and energy), identify the key 5G requirements to enable them, and analyze existing technical and functional gaps as compared to current solutions. Based on the identified gaps, we propose a set of innovations to address them with: (i) support of 3GPP-based RAN slices by introducing a RAN slicing model and providing automated RAN orchestration and control; (ii) an AI-driven closed-loop for automated service management with service level agreement assurance; and (iii) multi-domain solutions to expand service offerings by aggregating services and resources from different provider domains and also enable the integration of private 5G networks with public networks.
Market research, Technological innovation, 5G Mobile communication, Transportation, Service level agreements
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Li, X., Garcia-Saavedra, A., Costa-Perez, X., Bernardos, C. J., Guimaraes, C., Antevski, K., Mangues-Bafalluy, J., Baranda, J., Zeydan, E., Corujo, D., Iovanna, P., Landi, G., Alonso, J., Paixao, P., Martins, H., Lorenzo, M., Ordonez-Lucena, J. & Lopez, D. R. (2021). 5Growth: An End-to-End Service Platform for Automated Deployment and Management of Vertical Services over 5G Networks. IEEE Communications Magazine, 59(3), 84–90.