Heuristic Algorithm for Virtual Link Configuration in AFDX Networks

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ISBN: 978-84-697-1736-3
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Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
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As the AFDX networks have been increasingly employed for airborne networks, much research works have been conducted to support real-time service in a deterministic way. However, since they assumed the preconfigured networks where all involved parameters were already determined, the impact of configuration algorithm is not well explored. To solve this problem, in this paper, we focus on how to reduce the required bandwidth by configuring virtual link which logically consists of at least one or more application flows. To achieve this, new heuristic algorithms have been proposed by applying well-known greedy approach while taking essential constraints of AFDX networks into account. To evaulate the performance of proposed scheme, diverse case studies for airborne application flows are concerned and their number of virtual links as well as required bandwidth are compared.
REACTION 2014. 3rd International Workshop on Real-time and Distributed Computing in Emerging Applications. Rome, Italy. December 2nd, 2014.
Sistemas en tiempo real, Sistemas distribuidos, cloud computing, distributed systems, Real-time computing, AFDX, Virtual Link, Configuration
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García Valls, M. et al. (eds.) (2014). 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Real-time and distributed computing in emerging applications. (Co-located with 35th IEEE RTSS). Rome, Italy. December 2nd, 2014. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 28-33.