A novel and sustainable method to develop non-equiatomic CoCrFeNiMox high entropy alloys via spark plasma sintering using commercial commodity powders and evaluation of its mechanical behaviour

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A novel approach to developing high entropy alloys (HEAs) using spark plasma sintering (SPS) was explored in this work where a mix of commercial commodity powders like Ni625, CoCrF75, and 316L was used instead of pre-alloyed powders avoiding the expensive pre-alloying steps like mechanical alloying or gas atomizing. Three non-equiatomic HEAs, based on Co, Cr, Fe, Ni, and Mo were designed and developed by blending the powders which were sintered via SPS and resulted in a single FCC phase after homogenization. The HEAs were microstructurally and mechanically characterized with tensile and hot compression tests up to a temperature of 750 degrees C showing excellent properties. The maximum room temperature tensile strength and ductility demonstrated was 712 MPa and 62% respectively, by the alloy Co23.28Cr28.57Fe25.03Ni21.01Mo2.1. Moreover, the same alloy exhibited a compression strength greater than 640 MPa with a ductility above 45% at a temperature of 750 degrees C. Also, this study paves the way for a novel fabrication route that offers more flexibility to develop new HEAs cost-effectively and efficiently which is crucial for the discovery of new materials over high-throughput techniques. Using such commodity alloys also opens the possibility of developing ingot casting from recycled scraps avoiding the direct use of critical metals.
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Materials Science & Engineering A, (2023), 878, 145207