Tire slip H∞ control for optimal braking depending on road condition

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Tire slip control is one of the most critical topics in vehicle dynamics control, being the basis of systems such the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Traction Control System (TCS) or Electronic Stability Program (ESP). The highly nonlinear behavior of tire–road contact makes it challenging to design robust controllers able to find a dynamic stable solution in different working conditions. Furthermore, road conditions greatly affect the braking performance of vehicles, being lower on slippery roads than on roads with a high tire friction coefficient. For this reason, by knowing the value of this coefficient, it is possible to change the slip ratio tracking reference of the tires in order to obtain the optimal braking performance. In this paper, an H∞ controller is proposed to deal with the tire slip control problem and maximize the braking forces depending on the road condition. Simulations are carried out in the vehicular dynamics simulator software CarSim. The proposed controller is able to make the tire slip follow a given reference based on the friction coefficient for the different tested road conditions, resulting in a small reference error and good transient response.
This article belongs to the Special Issue Human Machine Interaction in Automated Vehicles.
Tire slip control, Vehicle dynamics, H infinite, Control, Anti-lock brake system
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Meléndez-Useros, M., Jiménez-Salas, M., Viadero-Monasterio, F. & Boada, B. L. (2023). Tire Slip H∞ Control for Optimal Braking Depending on Road Condition. Sensors, 23(3), 1417.