Energy losses estimation in low voltage smart grids by using loss maps

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Energy efficiency is one of the most important aspects to consider when planning and operating Smart Grids. Consequently, Distribution Systems Operators (DSOs) are focusing in identifying those activities that will increase the efficiency in their distribution networks. An increase in energy efficiency clearly applies a reduction of energy losses. However, the estimation and the calculation of power losses in distribution networks is a process that has not been solved in a satisfactory way. Low Voltage (LV) distribution networks are characterized by a relevant uncertainty in the topology, grid data (length and sections of cables) and customer connection point or customer demand in real time. In this paper, the process of estimating losses is raised as a feeder losses estimator process, where the LV grid's feeders are classified into representative feeders. For each representative feeder a 'losses map' is obtained which will infer the maximum level of losses in the corresponding feeder for different loads demands by Monte Carlo simulations. These losses maps offer the advantage of providing the maximum losses feeder without it being necessary to execute load flows algorithms. Grid data used in this paper belongs to the networks of the Spanish research project OSIRIS. The OSIRIS project is a demonstration project that join industry and academia to unfold the smart grids know-how aiming an optimal supervision. The project is led by the utility Naturgy (former Gas Natural Fenosa) within a national 'smart meter' roll-out. The architecture and configuration of the OSIRIS's distribution networks are heterogenous involving rural as well as urban areas.
This paper has been presented at the 3rd International Conference on Energy, Environment and Economics (ICEEE2018).
Feeder topology configuration, Generation expansion planning, Discriminant analysis, Clustering
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Velasco, J.A., Amarís, H., Alonso, M. y Miguelez, M. (2019). Energy Losses Estimation in Low Voltage Smart Grids by using Loss Maps. In WEENTECH Proceedings in Energy, 4(1), pp. 247-258.