SmartDriver: an assistant for reducing stress and improve the fuel consumption

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The stress, safety and fuel consumption are variables that are strongly related. If the stress is high, the driver is more likely to make mistakes and have ac- cidents. In addition, he or she will make decisions at short notice. The acceleration and deceleration increases, minimizing the use of energy generated by the engine. However, the stress can be reduced if we provide information about the environment in ad- vance. In this paper, we propose a driving assistant which issues tips to the driver in order to improve the stress level. These tips are based on speed. The solution estimates the optimal average speed for each road section. In addition, the solution provides a slowdown profile when the user is close to a stress area. The objective is the initial vehicle speed minimizes the stress level and the sharp acceleration (positive and negative). In addition, the system em- ploys gamification tools to encourage the driver to follow the recommendations. On the other hand, the proposal provides information about the driver and the road state in an anonymous way in order to improve the management of the city traffic. The proposal is run on an Android device and the driver stress is estimated using non intrusives sensors and telemetry from the vehicle.
JARCA 2015: Actas de las XVII Jornadas de ARCA: Sistemas Cualitativos y sus Aplicaciones en Diagnosis, Robótica, Inteligencia Ambiental y Ciudades Inteligentes = Proceedings of the XVII ARCA Days: Qualitative Systems and its Applications in Diagnose Robotics, Ambient Intelligence and Smart Cities, Vinaros (Valencia), 23 al 27 de Junio de 2015
Intelligent transport systems, Fuel consumption, Optimization, Data envelopment analysis, DEA, Driving assistant, Android, Applications, Mobile computing
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Ortega Ramírez, Juan Antonio; Muñoz Organero, Mario (eds.) (2015). Actas de las XVII Jornadas de ARCA: sistemas cualitativos y sus aplicaciones en diagnosis, robótica, inteligencia ambiental y ciudades Inteligentes = Proceedings of the XVII ARCA Days: qualitative systems and its applications in diagnose, robotics, ambient intelligence and smart cities. (Pp. 45-52)