Transmantle pressure computed from MR imaging measurements of aqueduct flow and dimensions

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American Society of Neuriradiology
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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Measuring transmantle pressure, the instantaneous pressure difference between the lateral ventricles and the cranial subarachnoid space, by intracranial pressure sensors has limitations. The aim of this study was to compute transmantle pressure noninvasively with a novel nondimensional fluid mechanics model in volunteers and to identify differences related to age and aqueductal dimensions. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Brain MR images including cardiac-gated 2D phase-contrast MR imaging and fast-spoiled gradient recalled imaging were obtained in 77 volunteers ranging in age from 25-92 years of age. Transmantle pressure was computed during the cardiac cycle with a fluid mechanics model from the measured aqueductal flow rate, stroke volume, aqueductal length and cross-sectional area, and heart rate. Peak pressures during caudal and rostral aqueductal flow were tabulated. The computed transmantle pressure, aqueductal dimensions, and stroke volume were estimated, and the differences due to sex and age were calculated and tested for significance. RESULTS: Peak transmantle pressure was calculated with the nondimensional averaged 14.4 (SD, 6.5) Pa during caudal flow and 6.9 (SD, 2.8) Pa during rostral flow. It did not differ significantly between men and women or correlate significantly with heart rate. Peak transmantle pressure increased with age and correlated with aqueductal dimensions and stroke volume. CONCLUSIONS: The nondimensional fluid mechanics model for computing transmantle pressure detected changes in pressure related to age and aqueductal dimensions. This novel methodology can be easily used to investigate the clinical relevance of the transmantle pressure in normal pressure hydrocephalus, pediatric communicating hydrocephalus, and other CSF disorders.
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Sincomb, S., Coenen, W., Criado-Hidalgo, E., Wei, K., King, K., Borzage, M., Haughton, V., Sánchez, A., & Lasheras, J. (2021). Transmantle Pressure Computed from MR Imaging Measurements of Aqueduct Flow and Dimensions. American Journal of Neuroradiology.