A high gain multiband offset MIMO antenna based on a planar log-periodic array for Ku/K-band applications

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An offset quad-element, two-port, high-gain, and multiband multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) planar antenna based on a log-periodic dipole array (LPDA) for Ku/K-band wireless communications is proposed, in this paper. A single element antenna has been designed starting from Carrel’s theory and then optimized with a 50-Ω microstrip feed-line with two orthogonal branches that results mainly in a broadside radiation pattern and improves diversity parameters. For experimental confirmation, the designed structure is printed on an RT-5880 substrate with a thickness of 1.57 mm. The total substrate dimensions of the MIMO antenna are 55 × 45 mm2. According to the measured results, the designed structure is capable of working at 1.3% (12.82–12.98 GHz), 3.1% (13.54–13.96 GHz), 2.3% (14.81–15.15 GHz), 4.5% (17.7–18.52 GHz), and 4.6% (21.1–22.1 GHz) frequency bands. Additionally, the proposed MIMO antenna attains a peak gain of 4.2–10.7 dBi with maximum element isolation of 23.5 dB, without the use of any decoupling structure. Furthermore, the analysis of MIMO performance metrics such as the envelope correlation coefficient (ECC) and mean effective gain (MEG) validates good characteristics, and field correlation performance over the operating band. The proposed design is an appropriate option for multiband MIMO applications for various wireless systems in Ku/K-bands.
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Fakharian, M. M., Alibakhshikenari, M., See, C. H., & Abd-Alhameed, R. (2022). A high gain multiband offset MIMO antenna based on a planar log-periodic array for Ku/K-band applications. In Scientific Reports (Vol. 12, Issue 1). Springer Science and Business Media LLC.