Bubble characteristics in a bubbling fluidized bed with a rotating distributor

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In this paper the effect of a novel rotating distributor for fluidized beds on the bubble size is studied. The distributor is a perforated plate that rotates around the vertical axis of the column. The formation of the bubbles from the rotating distributor is theoretically analyzed. The pierced length of the bubbles ascending in the bed were measured using optical probes. The probability distribution of bubble diameter was inferred from these experimental measurements using the maximum entropy method. The radial profile of the bubble diameter is presented for the static and rotating configurations at different gas velocities. The frequency of bubble passage and the distribution of bubbles in the cross section of the bed bed are also reported. Results were finally shown for different heights above the distributor. A radial decrease in the bubble size when the distributor rotates is found. The bubble growth with the bed height is also lower in the rotating case.
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