Impact behaviour of composite panel subjected to in-plane load

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Mostrar el registro sencillo del ítem García Castillo, Shirley Kalamis Sánchez Sáez, Sonia López Puente, Jorge Barbero Pozuelo, Enrique Navarro Ugena, Carlos 2010-09-27T14:11:50Z 2010-09-27T14:11:50Z 2007
dc.description 16TH International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM-16), Kyoto, Japan, Jul 8-13, 2007
dc.description.abstract This work investigates the effect that a biaxial preload causes on woven laminate panels of glass fibre and polyester matrix subjected to high-velocity transversal impact. For this, an existing analytic model based on energy considerations was used, this being modified to include the presence of a preload. The results of the analytic model for the biaxial preload state were compared with the results found for the free state of preload. Minimal difference was found between the two results. Therefore, numerical simulations were made to order to study the effect of the preload in greater detail; furthermore, experimental tests were made, validating the analytic and numerical model. In general, the two methods revealed minimal differences between the values of the ballistic limit and those of the residual velocity.
dc.description.sponsorship The Spanish Comisión Interministerial de Ciencia y Tecnología(Project MAT2001-0735)
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dc.subject.other Impact
dc.subject.other Pre-load
dc.subject.other Analytical
dc.subject.other Laminates
dc.subject.other Numerical simulations
dc.title Impact behaviour of composite panel subjected to in-plane load
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dc.type article
dc.subject.eciencia Ingeniería Mecánica
dc.subject.eciencia Ingeniería Industrial
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