Superroughening versus intrinsic anomalous scaling of surfaces

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Show simple item record López, Juan Manuel Rodríguez, Miguel Ángel Cuerno, Rodolfo 2010-02-22T12:39:12Z 2010-02-22T12:39:12Z 1997-10
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitation Physical Review E, 1997, vol. 56, n. 4, p. 3993-3998
dc.identifier.issn 1539-3755
dc.description 6 pages, 3 figures.-- PACS nrs.: 05.40.+j, 05.70.Ln, 68.35.Fx.-- ArXiv pre-print available at:
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dc.description.abstract We study kinetically rough surfaces which display anomalous scaling in local properties such as the roughness or the height-difference correlation function. By studying the power spectrum of the surface and its relation to the height-difference correlation, we distinguish two independent causes for anomalous scaling. One is superroughening (global roughness exponent larger than or equal to 1), even if the spectrum behaves nonanomalously. Another cause is what we term an intrinsically anomalous spectrum, in whose scaling an independent exponent exists, which induces different scaling properties for small and large length scales. We show that in this case the surface does not need to be superrough in order to display anomalous scaling. The scaling relations we propose for the structure factor and height-difference correlation for intrinsically anomalous surfaces are shown to hold for a random diffusion equation, independently of the value of the global roughness exponent below or above one.
dc.description.sponsorship J.M.L. acknowledges the Postdoctoral Pogram of Universidad de Cantabria for support at Instituto de Física de Cantabria where most of this work has been done. R.C. also acknowledges warm hospitality at Instituto de Física de Cantabria. This work has been supported by DGICyT of the Spanish Government under Project No. PB93-0054-C02-02.
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dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher The American Physical Society
dc.rights © The American Physical Society
dc.subject.other [PACS] Fluctuation phenomena, random processes, noise, and Brownian motion
dc.subject.other [PACS] Nonequilibrium and irreversible thermodynamics
dc.subject.other [PACS] Diffusion; interface formation
dc.title Superroughening versus intrinsic anomalous scaling of surfaces
dc.type article PeerReviewed
dc.description.status Publicado
dc.subject.eciencia Matemáticas
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