Modeling heterogeneity and memory effects on the kinetic roughening of silica films grown by chemical vapor deposition

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Show simple item record Ojeda, Fernando Cuerno, Rodolfo Salvarezza, Roberto Agulló-Rueda, Fernando Vázquez Roy, José Luis 2010-02-18T10:47:54Z 2010-02-18T10:47:54Z 2003-06-15
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitation Physical Review B 67, 245416 (2003)
dc.identifier.issn 1098-0121 (Print)
dc.identifier.issn 1550-235x (Online)
dc.description 13 pages, 12 figures.-- PACS nrs.: 68.35.Ct, 81.15.Gh, 64.60.Ht, 05.10.Gg.
dc.description.abstract We present discrete and continuum models to describe previous experiments on growth of chemical vapor deposited silica films at 611 K and 723 K [F. Ojeda et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 84, 3125 (2000)]. Silica films deposited at 723 K show larger surface roughness already from the early stages of growth, a fact that was not explained by a previously proposed phenomenological stochastic equation for the interface height. This larger surface roughness and the concomitant development of higher local slopes seem to be correlated with the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang asymptotic scaling observed for the high-temperature conditions. Here, we explain these features on the basis of surface heterogeneity and short-range memory effects, which are assessed for our experimental system through spectroscopic measurements. By incorporating these effects into a random deposition model and related Langevin equations with correlated noise, we are able to account for the full set of experimental observations.
dc.description.sponsorship This work has been performed within the CONICET-CSIC research program, and has been partially supported by Programa de Cooperación Científica con Iberoamérica (MEC), CAM Grant No. 7220-ED/082, and DGES Grants Nos. MAT97-0698-C04, PB96-0119, and BFM2000-0006. F.O. acknowledges financial support from CAM.
dc.format.mimetype text/html
dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher The American Physical Society
dc.rights © The American Physical Society
dc.subject.other [PACS] Interface structure and roughness
dc.subject.other [PACS] Chemical vapor deposition (including plasma-enhanced CVD, MOCVD, ALD, etc.)
dc.subject.other [PACS] Dynamic critical phenomena
dc.subject.other [PACS] Stochastic analysis methods (Fokker-Planck, Langevin, etc.)
dc.title Modeling heterogeneity and memory effects on the kinetic roughening of silica films grown by chemical vapor deposition
dc.type article PeerReviewed
dc.description.status Publicado
dc.subject.eciencia Matemáticas
dc.rights.accessRights openAccess
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