Biomembranes for wastewater treatment

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dc.description.abstract Engineering laboratory for wastewater treatment of UC3M (Spain), optimizes the set-up and the design of membrane bioreactors (MBR), advised for higher quality of the treated water or to increase the treatment capacity. MBR system is a versatile method that achieves a fast depuration of biodegradable water, where nitrogen and phosphorous removal can be integrated in a simple way. Companies interested in applying or developing this technology or micro and ultra filtration membrane producers who want to extend their market to water treatment by MBR are sought.
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dc.subject.other Filtration and membrane processes
dc.subject.other Water pollution / treatments
dc.subject.other Environmental Technology / Engineering
dc.title Biomembranes for wastewater treatment
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dc.subject.eciencia Recursos Naturales
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dc.contributor.departamento Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering
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