Plan de Negocio de una Empresa de Relojería Personalizada

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During the last years most of the economies of countries around the world have suffered a crisis. This has resulted that some of most important banks of the world have closed, despite the fact that there have been enormous injections of capital by the government to save others from bankruptcy and some countries, such as Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Greece have suffered economic bailouts by the European Central Bank (ECB). All this helps to understand the seriousness of the economic situation through the past years. For that reason, the consumption of the population has suffered a setback in recent years, caused by the fear of the current situation and the future expectations. This has made that the activity in many sectors has been reduced, causing the closure of many companies and increasing the difficulty of undertaking. Taking into account the current economic situation and the various forecasts that occur, the purpose of this document is to study the feasibility of undertaking a company that will market a customized brand watches. In this project we are going to study the engagement of business in the market, the strategy long and short term, the sector and competition to be had, production of different models, project profitability, etc.
Plan de negocio, Creación de empresas
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