A hardware-software approach for on-line soft error mitigation in interrupt-driven applications

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Integrity assurance of configuration data has a significant impact on microcontroller-based systems reliability. This is especially true when running applications driven by events which behavior is tightly coupled to this kind of data. This work proposes a new hybrid technique that combines hardware and software resources for detecting and recovering soft-errors in system configuration data. Our approach is based on the utilization of a common built-in microcontroller resource (timer) that works jointly with a software-based technique, which is responsible to periodically refresh the configuration data. The experiments demonstrate that non-destructive single event effects can be effectively mitigated with reduced overheads. Results show an important increase in fault coverage for SEUs and SETs, about one order of magnitude.
Single Event Upset (Seu), Single Event Transient (Set), Fault tolerance, Soft error mitigation, Radiation effects, Co-design approach, Embedded systems, Emulation, Injection
Bibliographic citation
Martinez-Alvarez, A., Restrepo-Calle, F., Cuenca-Asensi, S., Reyneri, L. M., Lindoso, A. & Entrena, L. (2016). A Hardware-Software Approach for On-Line Soft Error Mitigation in Interrupt-Driven Applications. IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, 13(4), 502–508.