Efficient mitigation of data and control-flow errors in microprocessors

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The use of microprocessor-based systems is gaining importance in application domains where safety is a must. For this reason, there is a growing concern about the mitigation of SEU and SET effects. This paper presents a new hybrid technique aimed to protect both the data and the control-flow of embedded applications running on microprocessors. On one hand, the approach is based on software redundancy techniques for correcting errors produced in the data. On the other hand, control-flow errors can be detected by reusing the on-chip debug interface, existing in most modern microprocessors. Experimental results show an important increase in the system reliability even superior to two orders of magnitude, in terms of mitigation of both SEUs and SETs. Furthermore, the overheads incurred by our technique can be perfectly assumable in low-cost systems.
Fault tolerance, Microprocessor, Single event transient (SETS), Single event upset (SEUS), Soft error
Bibliographic citation
Parra, L., Lindoso, A., Portela, M., Entrena, L., Restrepo-Calle, F., Cuenca-Asensi, S. & Martinez-Alvarez, A. (2014). Efficient Mitigation of Data and Control Flow Errors in Microprocessors. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 61(4), 1590-1596.