An openflow architecture for energy-aware traffic engineering in mobile networks

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To cope with the growing traffic demand, future mobile networks will be denser and integrate heterogeneous technologies. However, if not properly engineered, such networks may incur huge energy waste when there is little traffic, and may suffer from an unbearable management burden caused by the variety of technologies integrated. In this article, we propose and implement a novel management architecture for mobile networks based on OpenFlow, which supports resource-on-demand provisioning in a centralized control plane, and hides the technology specifics from the controller through the use of abstractions. The feasibility of the approach is demonstrated by a real-life prototype based on commercial off-the-shelf devices.
Mobile communication, IEEE 802.11 Standard, Mobile computing, Network architecture, Wireless communication, Computer architecture, Databases, Software defined networking, Software radio
Bibliographic citation
IEEE Network, (2015), 29(4), pp.: 54-60.