Emergency Support Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Forest Fire Surveillance

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The advances in autonomous technologies and microelectronics have increased the use of Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in more critical applications, such as forest fire monitoring and fighting. In addition, implementing surveillance methods that provide rich information about the fires is considered a great tool for Emergency Response Teams (ERT). From this aspect and in collaboration with Telefónica Digital España, Dronitec S.L, and Divisek Systems, this paper presents a fire monitoring system based on perception algorithms, implemented on a UAV, to perform surveillance tasks allowing the monitoring of a specific area, in which several algorithms have been implemented to perform the tasks of autonomous take-off/landing, trajectory planning, and fire monitoring. This UAV is equipped with RGB and thermal cameras, temperature sensors, and communication modules in order to provide full information about the fire and the UAV itself, sending these data to the ground station in real time. The presented work is validated by performing several flights in a real environment, and the obtained results show the efficiency and the robustness of the proposed system, against different weather conditions.
Drones, Fire detection, Perception, Autonomous navigation, Surveillance
Bibliographic citation
Al-Kaff, A., Madridano, Á., Campos, S., García, F., Martín, D., de la Escalera, A. (2020). Emergency Support Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Forest Fire Surveillance. Electronics, 9(2), 260.