Investigation of the interaction between competing types of nondiffusive transport in drift wave turbulence

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Radial transport in turbulence dominated tokamak plasmas has been observed to deviate from classical diffusion in certain regimes relevant for magnetic confinement fusion. These situations at least include near-marginal turbulence, where radial transport becomes superdiffusive and mediated by elongated radial structures (or avalanches) and transport across radially sheared poloidal flows, where radial subdiffusion often ensues. In this paper, the interaction between very different physical ingredients responsible for these two types of nondiffusive dynamics (namely, turbulent profile relaxation close to a local threshold and the interaction with radially sheared zonal flows) is studied in detail in the context of a simple two-dimensional electrostatic plasma fluid turbulence model based on the dissipative trapped electron mode. It is shown that, depending on the relative relevance of each of these ingredients, which can be tuned in various ways, a variety of nondiffusive radial transport behaviors can be found in the system. The results also illustrate the fact that the classical diffusion paradigm is often insufficient to describe turbulent transport in systems with self-generated flows and turbulent profile relaxations. Published by AIP Publishing.
Electron mode turbulence, Plasma-confinement, Sheared flow, Dynamics, Diffusion, Tokamaks, Flux
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Ogata, D., Newman, D. E., & Sánchez, R. (2017). Investigation of the interaction between competing types of nondiffusive transport in drift wave turbulence. In Physics of Plasmas, 24(5), 052307-052320