Towards A Generic, Service-Oriented Framework for Distributed Real-Time Systems

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Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
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Continuously increasing complexity and scale of distributed real-time systems have exposed the limitations of their existing development methodologies. This fact is evident by the unsustainable rate of increase in the development and maintenance costs of such systems. In this paper, we present a generic, service-oriented framework for distributed real-time systems. The proposed framework can potentially serve as the basis for a widely applicable, cross-domain toolset, thus, decreasing the development and maintenance costs for distributed real-time systems. The proposed framework consists of a generic, service-oriented deployment platform that abstracts away the details of implementation platform and an associated development methodology. The proposed framework makes extensive use of the existing service-oriented technologies such as Web Services. However, it also extends these technologies for application to distributed real-time systems by introducing QoS-aware service deployment and service monitoring phases. This paper presents the details of the proposed framework as well as a case-study of the application of the proposed framework to the domain of smart grid
REACTION 2012. 1st International workshop on Real-time and distributed computing in emerging applications. December 4th, 2012, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Real-time systems, Service-oriented computing, Smart grids, Cyber-physical system, Web services, SOA, Distributed systems, Real-time
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REACTION 2012, co-located with IEEE RTSS. San Juan, Puerto Rico. December 4th, 2012. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 2012, pp. 27-32