mmWave Four-Element MIMO Antenna for Future 5G Systems

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This paper presents an S-shape four-port Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) wideband mmWave antenna with bandwidth of 25 GHz to 39 GHz. The antenna is designed on 0.254 mm ultra-thin RO5880 with permittivity of 2.3. The dimensions of proposed S-shape antenna are 10 12 mm for single element and 24 24 mm for four-port MIMO configuration. A decoupling network is introduced to further compress mutual coupling among MIMO elements. The peak gain achieved is 7.1 dBi and MIMO assembly delivers diversity scheme. The proposed MIMO antenna is fabricated, and simulated results are found to be in excellent agreement with simulations. Through the results obtained, the proposed MIMO antenna system can be considered as a potential candidate for future mmWave devices.
Mmwave, Four port, Mimo, Gain, Ecc diversity
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Khan, M. A., al Harbi, A. G., Kiani, S. H., Nordin, A. N. B., Munir, M. E., Saeed, S. I., Iqbal, J., Ali, E. M., Alibakhshikenari, M., & Dalarsson, M. (2022). mmWave Four-Element MIMO Antenna for Future 5G Systems. Applied Sciences, 12(9), 4280.