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EMPATIA-CM (Comprehensive Protection of Gender-based Violence Victims through Multimodal Affective Computing) is a research project that aims to generally understand the reactions of Gender-based Violence Victims to situations of danger, generate mechanisms for automatic detection of these situations and study how to react in a comprehensive, coordinated and effective way to protect them in the most optimal way possible. The project is divided into five objectives that demonstrate the need and added value of the multidisciplinary approach: * Understand the reaction mechanisms of the Gender-based Violence Victims to risky situations. * Investigate, design and verify algorithms to automatically detect Risk Situations in Gender-based Violence Victims. * Design and implement the Automatic Detection System for Risk Situations in Gender-based Violence Victims. * Investigate a new protocol to protect Gender-based Violence Victims with a holistic approach. * Use the data collected by the System for detecting hazardous situations in Gender-based Violence Victims.
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