Managing Assessment Resources in the Open ICOPER Content Space

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With the introduction of the Web 2.0 philosophy in the learning arena, the way learning actors interact has changed substantially. From a collaborative perspective, all the actors in the learning landscape could make use of a variety of tools for collaboration, making up what it is called: "collaborative learning 2.0." In this chapter, the discussion is focused on the open educational resources (OER), concretely open assessment resources, i.e., open resources used in the assessment process (formative and/or summative). The authors explore the way to create, share, search, manage, and access to these resources; all these actions are described from the context of collaboration inherited from the Web 2.0 paradigms: collaboration among teachers and course designers, teachers and learners, and any other factors that could arise in the assessment process. On the other hand, the approach to managing the open assessment resources is based on an outcome-based assessment process because of the great importance of the outcome-based learning.
LRN Platform, Interoperability, Learning Design, Learning Outcome, OICS, Open Repository of Educational Resources, Outcome-Based Assessment, Standards and Specifications
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Okada, A., Connolly, T., & Scott, P. J. (2012). Collaborative Learning 2.0: Open Educational Resources (pp. 183-200). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.