The transition from linear to highly branched poly(beta-amino ester)s: Branching matters for gene delivery

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Nonviral gene therapy holds great promise but has not delivered treatments for clinical application to date. Lack of safe and efficient gene delivery vectors is the major hurdle. Among nonviral gene delivery vectors, poly(beta-amino ester)s are one of the most versatile candidates because of their wide monomer availability, high polymer flexibility, and superior gene transfection performance both in vitro and in vivo. However, to date, all research has been focused on vectors with a linear structure. A well-accepted view is that dendritic or branched polymers have greater potential as gene delivery vectors because of their three-dimensional structure and multiple terminal groups. Nevertheless, to date, the synthesis of dendritic or branched polymers has been proven to be a well-known challenge. We report the design and synthesis of highly branched poly(beta-amino ester)s (HPAEs) via a one-pot "A2 + B3 + C2"&-type Michael addition approach and evaluate their potential as gene delivery vectors. We find that the branched structure can significantly enhance the transfection efficiency of poly(beta-amino ester)s: Up to an 8521-fold enhancement in transfection efficiency was observed across 12 cell types ranging from cell lines, primary cells, to stem cells, over their corresponding linear poly(beta-amino ester)s (LPAEs) and the commercial transfection reagents polyethyleneimine, SuperFect, and Lipofectamine 2000...
Rdeb, Gene delivery, Non-viral vector, Poly(β-amino ester), Highly branched polymer
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Zhou, D., Cutlar, L., Gao, Y., Wang, W., O’Keeffe-Ahern, J., McMahon, S., Duarte, B., Larcher, F., Rodriguez, B. J., Greiser, U., & Wang, W. (2016). The transition from linear to highly branched poly(Β-amino ester)s: branching matters for gene delivery. Science Advances, 2(6). 14 p.