Atlas of electrical indicators published in Spain and the EU

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This bachelor thesis focuses on the compilation of the most important electrical indicators both at a national and international level. Since electricity is essential to our lifestyle, the analysis of these indicators provides with a solid basis for understanding the main characteristics of the electrical system in each country and the most notable differences and similarities across them. In addition to selecting and analysing these indicators based on data provided by several agencies, a comparison is made between different countries in order to get a more global idea of the components of the electrical system and the parameters that evaluate it. The countries on which the comparison and analysis are made are: Spain, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, it is intended that these data and statistics, as the most relevant for describing an electrical system and showing a global view across countries, are presented in a single document as well as incorporated in a tool which encompasses them. For this purpose, the tool developed is a webpage, which being free-access and user-friendly allows to quickly locate a specific or several indicators for future analysis, research or curiosity of the user.
Electric system, Electrical indicators, Electricity market, Electrical indicators, Web
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