Diseño y desarrollo de un cliente y un servidor en JavaScript para gestionar batallas y campeonatos entre agentes inteligentes (JSWARS)

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JWARS is a platform for Artificial Intelligence competition, designed for closing distances between newbies and experts in the field. Its basic approach consists of the design and development of a framework that allows the user to execute simple battles with basic rules: two teams, each team's army battle to death, team surviving most time wins. Each army follows the logic of one artificial intelligence agent, the one the user creates and uploads. Battles themselves are in real time and the whole project is hosted in a web platform with Github login, allowing users to create and upload several agents quick and easy and encouraging competition. To this purpose, the platform also allows real time tournaments between several users and its agents. Platform is divided in two different parts: web application (server and client) which manages everything the user interacts with, and game engine, which represents and executes the battles using the agents codes the user selects. In this project we are studying everything involved in the first part, web application, from general architecture to particular details in every subsystem taking part.
Inteligencia artificial, Web, Juegos de ordenador, JavaScript
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