Fast surface disinfection with COUNTERFOG® SDR-F05A+

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COUNTERFOG® has been proposed as a rapid decontamination and disinfection technology that uses dynamic submicrometric-disinfecting fog cones. When projected onto surfaces, they create a micrometre-thick film of disinfectant minimizing the use of liquids and the impact on environment. The extremely thin film is intended to be enough to cover and kill microorganisms and simultaneously thin enough to evaporate in a few minutes¿depending on the environmental conditions. In the present work, experimental tests were carried out to verify this hypothesis. These include a physical characterization of the fog in the cone, a measurement of the liquid flow projected on surfaces as well as disinfection tests with a series of microorganisms. In addition to these results, operational recommendations are derived to ensure disinfection reliability.
Counterfog, Aerosols, Fomites, Fluid dynamics, Decontamination, Disinfection
Bibliographic citation
European Physical Journal Plus, (2021), 136(4): 393, [8] p.