A pulse frequency modulation interpretation of VCOs enabling VCO-ADC architectures with extended noise shaping

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In this paper, we propose to study voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) based on the equivalence with pulse frequency modulators (PFMs). This approach is applied to the analysis of VCO-based analog-to-digital converters (VCO-ADCs) and deviates significantly from the conventional interpretation, where VCO-ADCs have been described as the first-order Delta Sigma modulators. A first advantage of our approach is that it unveils systematic error components not described by the equivalence with a conventional Delta Sigma modulator. A second advantage is that, by a proper selection of the pulses generated by the PFM, we can theoretically construct an open loop VCO-ADC with an arbitrary noise shaping order. Unfortunately, with the exception of the first-order noise shaping case, the required pulse waveforms cannot easily be implemented on the circuit level. However, we describe circuit techniques to achieve a good approximation of the required pulse waveforms, which can easily be implemented by practical circuits. Finally, our approach enables a straightforward description of multistage Delta Sigma modulator architectures, which is an alternative and practically feasible way to realize a VCO-ADC with extended noise shaping.
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Delta sigma modulation, Data conversion, Voltage controlled oscillators, Pulse frequency modulation, Time encoding
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Gutierrez, E., Hernandez, L., Cardes, F. & Romboutsa, P. (2018). Pulse Frequency Modulation Interpretation of VCOs Enabling VCO-ADC Architectures With Extended Noise Shaping. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, 65(2), 444-457.