MOVPE growth of GaP/GaPN core-shell nanowires: N incorporation, morphology and crystal structure

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Dilute nitride III-V nanowires (NWs) possess great potential as building blocks in future optoelectronical and electrochemical devices. Here, we provide evidence for the growth of GaP/GaPN core-shell NWs via metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy, both on GaP(111)B and on GaP/Si (111) hetero-substrates. The NW morphology meets the common needs for use in applications, i.e. they are straight and vertically oriented to the substrate as well as homogeneous in length. Moreover, no parasitical island growth is observed. Nitrogen was found to be incorporated on group V sites as determined from transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and Raman spectroscopy. Together with the incorporation of N, the NWs exhibit strong photoluminescence in the visible range, which we attribute to radiative recombination at N-related deep states. Independently of the N incorporation, a peculiar facet formation was found, with {110} facets at the top and {112} at the bottom of the NWs. TEM reveals that this phenomenon is related to different stacking fault densities within the zinc blende structure, which lead to different effective surface energies for the bottom and the top of the NWs.
Iii-V on silicon, Nanowires, Dilute nitride, Movpe, Facet formation, Optical spectroscopy, Liquid-solid growth, Core/shell nanowires, Band-gap, Nitrogen, Photoluminescence, Scattering, Evolution, Alloys, Energy
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Steidl, M., Schwarzburg, K., Galiana, B., Kups, T., Supplie, O., Kleinschmidt, P., Lilienkamp, G., & Hannappel, T. (2019). MOVPE growth of GaP/GaPN core–shell nanowires: N incorporation, morphology and crystal structure. In Nanotechnology, 30(10), 104002-104010.