Sensing applications in aircrafts using polymer optical fibres

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We report on recent advances in the use of inexpensive polymer optical fibres (POFs) for sensing applications in avionics. The sensors analysed in this manuscript take advantage of the unique properties of polymers, such as high flexibility, elasticity, and sensitivity, and they range from strain, elongation, and vibration interrogators to level and temperature meters, leading to cost-effective techniques for structural health monitoring in aircraft structures. We also highlight recent power-supply methods using Power-over-POF in order to feed sensors remotely, and we discuss the constraints imposed by connectors on the performance of POF networks in aircrafts.
Fibre sensors, Level, Micro-vibrations, Polymer optical fibre, Power-over-fibre (pof) connectors, Strain, Temperature measurement
Bibliographic citation
Lallana, P. C., Aldabaldetreku, G., López, A., Montero, D. S., Durana, G., Mateo, J., Losada, M. N., Zubia, J., & Vázquez, C. (2021). Sensing Applications in Aircrafts Using Polymer Optical Fibres. Sensors, 21(11), 3605.