Toward High-Performance Computing and Big Data Analytics Convergence: The Case of Spark-DIY

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Convergence between high-performance computing (HPC) and big data analytics (BDA) is currently an established research area that has spawned new opportunities for unifying the platform layer and data abstractions in these ecosystems. This work presents an architectural model that enables the interoperability of established BDA and HPC execution models, reflecting the key design features that interest both the HPC and BDA communities, and including an abstract data collection and operational model that generates a unified interface for hybrid applications. This architecture can be implemented in different ways depending on the process- and data-centric platforms of choice and the mechanisms put in place to effectively meet the requirements of the architecture. The Spark-DIY platform is introduced in the paper as a prototype implementation of the architecture proposed. It preserves the interfaces and execution environment of the popular BDA platform Apache Spark, making it compatible with any Spark-based application and tool, while providing efficient communication and kernel execution via DIY, a powerful communication pattern library built on top of MPI. Later, Spark-DIY is analyzed in terms of performance by building a representative use case from the hydrogeology domain, EnKF-HGS. This application is a clear example of how current HPC simulations are evolving toward hybrid HPC-BDA applications, integrating HPC simulations within a BDA environment.
Big data, Data models, Computer architecture, Analytical models, Business, Data visualization, Convergence
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Caino-Lores, S., Carretero, J., Nicolae, B., Yildiz, O. & Peterka, T. (2019). Toward High-Performance Computing and Big Data Analytics Convergence: The Case of Spark-DIY. IEEE Access, 7, 156929–156955.