DEEP: A vertical-oriented intelligent and automated platform for the edge and fog

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The fifth generation (5G) of mobile communications introduces improvements on many fronts when compared to its previous generations. Besides the performance enhancements and new advances in radio technologies, it also integrates other technological domains, such as cloud-to-things continuum and artificial intelligence. In this work, the 5G-DIVE Elastic Edge Platform (DEEP) is proposed as the linking piece for the integration of these technological domains, making available an intelligent edge and fog 5G end-to-end solution. This solution brings numerous benefits to vertical industries by enabling streamlined, abstracted, and automated management of their vertical services, thus contributing to the introduction of novel services, cost savings, and improved time to market. Preliminary validation of the proposed platform is performed through a proof of concept, along with a qualitative analysis of its benefits for Industry 4.0 and autonomous drone scouting vertical industries.
Edge computing, 5G mobile communication, Time to market, Artificial intelligence, Drones
Bibliographic citation
Guimaraes, C., Groshev, M., Cominardi, L., Zabala, A., Contreras, L. M., Talat, S. T., Zhang, C., Hazra, S., Mourad, A. & de la Oliva, A. (2021). DEEP: A Vertical-Oriented Intelligent and Automated Platform for the Edge and Fog. IEEE Communications Magazine, 59(6), 66–72.