Novel concentric hexagonal-shaped RFID tag antenna with T-shaped stub matching

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This paper presents a unique concentric hexagonal-shaped ring antenna for radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. The rings are excited with a common microstrip feedline. The radiation characteristics of the antenna is improved by locating a horizontal a parasitic element in the vicinity of the hexagonal-shaped rings. The proposed antenna was used in the implementation of a 3×1 antenna array. The impedance match of the 3×1 RFID tag was enhanced by incorporating a T-shaped stub. The antenna is designed to operate at the UHF band from 800 MHz to 960 MHz. It was implemented on FR-4 substrate with dielectric constant and thickness of 4.3 and 1.6 mm, respectively. The size of the RFID tag antenna is 36×10 mm 2 . Its impedance was matched to Alien Higgs RFIC chip of impedance 10 – j 82.5 Ω at 895 MHz. Measured results show the proposed RFID tag antenna provides an impedance bandwidth, maximum gain and radiation efficiency of 160 MHz, 2 dBi, and 66.5%, respectively. With effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) limited to 36 dBm to comply with FCC regulations for UHF band RFIDs it radiates in the broadside direction over a range of 9 m making it desirable for various applications including supply chain management, logistic control, and vehicle identification.
RFID Tag, Concentric hexagonal-shaped ring antenna, Microstrip integrated circuits, UHF band, Impedance matching circuit, Effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP)
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Alibakhshikenari, M., Virdee, B. S., Althuwayb, A. A., Xu, K. D., See, C. H., Khan, S., Park, I., Falcone, F. & Limiti, E. (2022). Novel Concentric Hexagonal-Shaped RFID Tag Antenna With T-Shaped Stub Matching. IEEE Journal of Radio Frequency Identification, 6, 112–120.