Dynamic Modeling of the Dissipative Contact and Friction Forces of a Passive Biped-Walking Robot

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This work presents and discusses a general approach for the dynamic modeling and analysis of a passive biped walking robot, with a particular focus on the feet-ground contact interaction. The main purpose of this investigation is to address the supporting foot slippage and viscoelastic dissipative contact forces of the biped robot-walking model and to develop its dynamics equations for simple and double support phases. For this investigation, special attention has been given to the detection of the contact/impact between the legs of the biped and the ground. The results have been obtained with multibody system dynamics applying forward dynamics. This study aims at examining and comparing several force models dealing with different approaches in the context of multibody system dynamics. The normal contact forces developed during the dynamic walking of the robot are evaluated using several models: Hertz, Kelvin-Voight, Hunt and Crossley, Lankarani and Nikravesh, and Flores. Thanks to this comparison, it was shown that the normal force that works best for this model is the dissipative Nonlinear Flores Contact Force Model (hysteresis damping parameter - energy dissipation). Likewise, the friction contact/impact problem is solved using the Bengisu equations. The numerical results reveal that the stable periodic solutions are robust. Integrators and resolution methods are also purchased, in order to obtain the most efficient ones for this model.
This article belongs to the Special Issue Optimization of Motion Planning and Control for Automatic Machines, Robots and Multibody Systems.
Passive model, Biped walking, Impact and contact, Friction force, Dissipative force
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Corral, E., García, M. G., Castejon, C., Meneses, J. & Gismeros, R. (2020). Dynamic Modeling of the Dissipative Contact and Friction Forces of a Passive Biped-Walking Robot. Applied Sciences, 10(7), 2342.