Privacy-preserving and accountable on-the-road prosecution of invalid vehicular mandatory authorizations

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Nowadays, improving road safety is one of the major challenges in developed countries and, to this regard, attaining more effectiveness in the enforcement of road safety policies has become a key target. In particular, enforcing the requirements related to the technical and administrative mandatory documentation of on-the-road motor vehicles is one of the critical issues. The use of modern technologies in the context of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) could enable the design of a more convenient, frequent and effective enforcement system compared to the traditional human patrol controls. In this article we propose a novel system for the on-the-fly verification of mandatory technical and administrative documentation of motor vehicles. Vehicles not complying with the required regulations will be identified and sanctioned whereas those vehicles, observant of the mandatory regulations, will maintain anonymity and non-traceability of their whereabouts. The proposed system is based on the use of anonymous credentials which will be loaded onto the vehicle to automatically and on-the-fly prove holdership of required credentials without requiring the vehicle to stop beside the road. We also implement a prototype of the credential system and analyze the feasibility of our solution in terms of computational cost and time to perform such telematic controls.
Traffic law enforcement, Privacy, Accountability, Vehicular mandatory authorizations, Anonymous credential, Privacy attribute-based credential
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Ad Hoc Networks (2013)