Application development for managing and monitoring a data centre

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This document is a Bachelor Thesis report. In this document we can find an analysis about the problem, a proposed solution and an evaluation about a coded prototype. The name of the project is Application Development for Managing and Monitoring a Data Centre. This project is an application for easing a common task in Lab of Computer Science and Engineering Department. The main problem of managing the Data Centre is the need of being physically present there; for instance, to take note of room temperature, a person has to go physically there to check out a thermometer. Moreover, maintaining an inventory can become a hard problem because many people, from different departments, have their machines and equipment there in the centre; there are two options then for maintaining an inventory: - Ask to every department what machines have them in the centre. - Go inside the centre and count the machines one by one. The usage of a web application can solve those problems. Since web applications are queried from a web browser; and nowadays everybody has a web browser integrated in his/her Operating System; we can query the status of the centre from our office, without having to being physically there. An important advantage also is the possibility of connecting sensors and other applications, so we can enhance our application with already implemented features; for instance, connecting our application to an LDAP login server. Moreover, since this is a web application, there is no need of a client installation; only a web browser is required. In our case, it must have support for HTML 5 and CSS 3. In addition, web technologies nowadays have many libraries for almost any task; for example, to display data in charts. With this feature, we can visualize historical or statistical data.
Redes de comunicación, Desarrollo de software, Aplicaciones Web, Arquitectura de redes, Centro de datos
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