PCE prototype with segment routing and BGPLS support

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This project presents two contributions to the PCE implementation in Telefonica I+D: Segment Routing and the upgrade of the BGP-LS protocol to the 3rd version of the draft to support MPLS and GMPLS scenarios. Regarding the first contribution, this document is intended to assess the use of Segment Routing in centralised traffic-engineering scenarios. It will attempt to make a validation of such technology using the available IETF drafts and publications and trying, at all time, to back-up the use cases with experimental demonstrations. Moreover, the 3rd version of the BGP-LS protocol draft was implemented. This protocol opens the possibility to export the network’s topology and its Traffic Engineering parameters to external entities. The BGP-LS extensions developed enables to retrieve the TE parameters for MPLS and GMPLS networks. The development of the project was done in Telefonica R&D’s facilities within the Core Network Evolution group. The code extends Telefonica’s PCE and network protocols to support Segment Routing and the new version for BGP-LS. As such, both the PCEP and the BGP-LS protocols were enhanced with the latest IETF drafts that define the technology. Once the code was developed and debugged, a series of tests were run in order to validate that the format used followed all the proposed standards. These tests have been defined following the sections that constitute each draft in an attempt to proof the use of each protocol in the most exhaustive possible way. It is important to remark that the validation tests are done not only with Telefonica code, but also with external prestigious entities like Cisco, Telecom Italia, Centre Tecnològic Telecomunicacions Catalunya or Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni.
Segment routing, Communication protocols, BPG-LS, PCE, Traffic engineering
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