Modeling and control of a soft robotic arm based on a fractional order control approach

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Controlling soft robots is a significant challenge due to the nonlinear elastic nature of the soft materials that conform their structure. This paper studies the identification and control problems of a novel two-degrees-of-freedom, tendon-actuated, soft robotic arm. A decoupled identification approach is presented; later, a fractional order control strategy is proposed and tested experimentally, in comparison with PI solutions. The simulation and experimental results show the goodness of the modeling and control approaches discussed.
This article belongs to the Special Issue Fractional Order Control Techniques for Robots.
Soft robotics, Fractional order control, Modeling of soft robots, Control of soft robots
Bibliographic citation
Relaño, C., Muñoz, J., Monje, C. A., Martínez, S., & González, D. Modeling and Control of a Soft Robotic Arm Based on a Fractional Order Control Approach. Fractal and Fractional, 7(1), 8, Jan. 2023, 18 p.