An Integrated, Virtualized Joint Edge and Fog Computing System with Multi-RAT Convergence

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ISSN: 2155-5052
ISBN: 978-1-5386-4729-5/18
ISBN: (PoD) 978-1-5386-4730-1
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Notably, developing an innovative architectural network paradigm is essential to address the technical challenging of 5G applications' requirements in a unified platform. Forthcoming applications will provide a wide range ofnetworking, computing and storage capabilities closer to the endusers.In this context, the 5G-PPP Phase two project named "5GCORAL:A 5G Convergent Virtualized Radio Access Network Living at the Edge" aims at identifying and experimentally validating which are the key technology innovations allowing for the development of a convergent 5G multi-RAT access based on a virtualized Edge and Fog architecture being scalable, flexible and interoperable with other domains including transport, core network and distant Clouds. In 5G-CORAL, an architecture is proposed based on ETSI MEC and ETSI NFV frameworks in a unified platform. Then, a set of exemplary use cases benefiting from Edge and Fog networks in near proximity of the end-user are proposed for demonstration on top of connected car, shopping mall and high-speed train platforms.
Cloud, Edge, Fog, RAN, MEC, NFV, Multi-RAT, 5G
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Rapone, D., Quasso, R., Chundrigar, S.B., Talat, S.T., Cominardi, L., Oliva, A. De la., Kuo, P.-H., Mourad, A., Colazzo, A., Parmeggiani, G., Zabala Orive, A., Lu, C., Li, C.-Y. (2018). An Integrated, Virtualized Joint Edge and Fog Computing System with Multi-RAT Convergence. Paper submitted in 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting (BMSB), Valencia.