Design and implementation of an EyasSat command and control center

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The report begins with an introduction about what is space systems, what are they composed of and how can they be classified. Besides, it brie y introduces the EyasSat system and the main motivations of the work. In chapter 2 the EyasSat is thoroughly explained. The reader can find an explanation about how its subsystems work and what are their functions, how the satellite communicates with the environment and with its ground station, how it reports information and how it could be commanded. Furthermore, its limitations and some efforts to overpass them will be commented. Since the main subsystem of the EyasSat is the "ADCS" one, the following contents are devoted to explain its study and characterization. This information is encompassed in chapter 3. Once the system and their subsystems are fully understood, chapter 4 and chapter 5 are dedicated to the comprehension of the behavior of the EyasSat and also to develop the way of modifying that behavior, following user's intentions. As soon as the software is fully coded, the following actions are based on testing how the software works and how the satellite response their commanding actions. These different trials are comprised in chapter 6. Finally, the work ends with the conclusions extracted from the process and the experience obtained through it, together with some appendix that complements the information presented in the work.
Space systems, EyasSat system, Simulation
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