Obtención de datos, filtrado y análisis de información de las asignaturas del grado de Ingeniería Informática vía Web

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Today anyone can have access to the information they want at any time. For example, if you visit the website of Carlos III University of Madrid, most people would not find it very difficult to access information related to any particular degree, such as access to the schedules of some subject or teachers they impart them. However, there are data that, although available, are difficult to decipher and interpret for a person. For example, what happens if we try to find out how many different subjects a teacher teaches, or if we want to know which classroom is the one I will most visit during a course. Although all this information is obtainable through the data that is published on the web, an ordinary person would find it difficult to get it, because due to how the information is displayed on the web, to obtain such information you would have to look manually in the schedules of each subject and mentally calculate how many times that teacher or classroom appears in each one of them. This problem is due to the fact that although the information is present, this information is not interrelated, ergo, it is the person who has to interpret and relate fragments of information presented independently. As a student of University Carlos III of Madrid, this work bornes with the intention of developing a solution to this problem. At the same time, it is intended to develop a solution that will have a minimal impact on the current system, since otherwise, the most efficient would be to re-create the web page from zero, resulting in a high cost for the University. Therefore, to achieve a minor impact, it has been concluded that the most efficient is to develop an external system to the web-page itself. Who is able to obtain the relevant data through it and can perform an in-depth analysis with them. To achieve this goal, a support tool dedicated to business intelligence will be used to obtain the information in a structured and manageable way.
El principal objetivo del proyecto es la creación de una herramienta que sea capaz de obtener información de las asignaturas del grado de Ingeniería Informática de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid del Campus de Leganés a partir de su página web y que la relacione de forma que se pueda ofrecer al usuario informes y análisis de las asignaturas que de otra manera sería complicado obtener. Para lograr ese objetivo, se hará uso de una herramienta de apoyo dedicada al business intelligence [2] que permita obtener la información de manera estructurada y que sea capaz de gestionarla.
Business Intelligence, Herramienta de análisis, Recuperación de información
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