Location based service restrictions for Android devices

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Nowadays, most of the people have mobile devices able to perform from the simplest task to complex algorithms. This fact could be a risk in some situations. For instance, the usage of the mobile devices in workstations may reduce the productivity of the employees if they are not using it form specific working purposes. Also, visitors could use theirs mobile devices to obtain some information that they are not allowed to have access for their own benefit. The aim of this project is to control the mobile devices in a specific environment and restrict its functionalities to provide safe areas with the fewer risks as possible. In order to archive this goal, this project designs and implements software able to control the mobile devices based on its location. This project includes the software that runs on the devices and the server that provides the management tools to setup all the devices. The software installed in the devices will be transparent for the device users. These users will be able to work properly with their devices. The device will execute all the functionalities but the ones that are restricted by the application using the device location. When a user tries to use some functionality that is forbidden within that location, the device will not run it and so, it will not allow the user to use that specific functionality. On the other side, a management tool will be provided. This tool allows the user to setup the devices over Internet. The administrator is the one that creates the rules that restricts the applications. Once the rules are created, the management tool allows the administrator to attach the rules to one or more devices. Then, the management tool will send those rules to each device. Every device is responsible of its own rules and the device software makes sure that the rules are satisfied.
Desarrollo de software, Dispositivos móviles, Android (Sistema operativo), Seguridad informática
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