One dimensional particle mover and PIC code applied to electron cyclotron resonance thruster

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This project aims to describe a simplified model of the plasma-wave interaction that occurs inside the chamber of a typical Electron Cyclotron Resonance Thruster. As its name suggests, ECR thrusters are based on the resonance of the electron with a given polarized electromagnetic wave, the so-called, Right Hand Polarized wave. This is a problem known since the early 60’s, however, due to technical reasons, the reseaech was abandoned. Recently, it has been resumed by research institutes as Onera or universities as UC3M, in the context of MINOTOR H2020 project. The project is devoted in the construction of a code that allows to study the interaction of a given population of electrons with a prescribed RHP wave, which it is assumed to be constant despite the changes on plasma properties. Different parameters will be studied and followed along time to check how the resonance affects the initial electron parameters. The second second part of this project is the introduction of numerical computation in plasma physics with the add-on of a PIC code, where particle properties are weighted inside a grid mesh.
Electron Cyclotron Resonance, Electric and magnetic fields in matter, Plasma Physics, Electric propulsion, RHP wave
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