Logarithmic potential of Hermite polynomials and information entropies of the harmonic oscillator eigenstates

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ISSN: 1089-7658 (Online)
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The problem of calculating the information entropy in both position and momentum spaces for the nth stationary state of the one-dimensional quantum harmonic oscillator reduces to the evaluation of the logarithmic potential $V_n(t)=-\int e\sp {-x\sp 2}H_n\sp 2(x)\log -t x$ at the zeros of the Hermite polynomial Hn(x). Here, a closed analytical expression for Vn(t) is obtained, which in turn yields an exact analytical expression for the entropies when the exact location of the zeros of Hn(x) is known. An inequality for the values of Vn(t) at the zeros of Hn(x) is conjectured, which leads to a new, nonvariational, upper bound for the entropies. Finally, the exact formula for Vn(t) is written in an alternative way, which allows the entropies to be expressed in terms of the even-order spectral moments of the Hermite polynomials. The asymptotic (n>>1) limit of this alternative expression for the entropies is discussed, and the conjectured upper bound for the entropies is proved to be asymptotically valid
13 pages, 1 figure.-- PACS nrs.: 03.65.Ge, 02.10.Nj, 02.10.Sp.
MR#: MR1471913 (99c:81031)
Zbl#: Zbl 0891.33007
Harmonic oscillators, Quantum theory, Polynomials, Entropy, Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions
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Journal of Mathematical Physics, 1997, vol. 38, n. 10, p. 5031-5043