Exploración de dominios que ofrecen servicio web mediante IPv6 en España

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In this project, we will do a survey about the deployment of the IPv6 protocol in Spain, by using an own application which samples a high number of domains and provides us a full statistic about the use of IPv6 in .es domains. To complete this results, we have created a list of domains with the web sites most visited in Spain, it can be .es, .com, .org…. For the development of our application we have decided to use the programming language Python. It is characterized by having a short learning curve regarding to another programmings languages, and several libraries and tools which let us the facility of simple and get our results. We have implement a set of domain lists by years, from 2007 to 2017, to be able to have a broad vision of the evolve in the deployment of the protocol, sampling around 1000 domains per year. Our application is based on a set of requests both DNS and HTTP. We use DNS requests to obtain the corresponding addresses to the domain names in our lists, discarding the non-existing domains, both IPv4 and IPv6. We use HTTP requests to verify the web connectivity of the encountered addresses and to compare the response so that it offers us an accurate calculation about our main goal. We obtain four results: the existence of DNS response of IPv4, the existence of DNS response of IPv6, the existence of web connectivity of IPv6 and if the IPv6 connectivity is in use. We will expose the obtained results in several tables divided by year and in addition we will make an additional table with the results of the web sites most visited in Spain, just as we have mentioned previously.
IPv6, Servicios web, Protocolos de Internet, Python
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