The Medianet Project: Integration of Multimedia Services for the next Generations Business oriented Internet

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IEEE- The Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers, Inc
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This article gathers the foundational premises of the MEDIANET project as well as intermediate results obtained along its firsts two years. MEDIANET is a Spanish project founded by the Comunidad de Madrid government, which strives for a significant scientific advance in the future media Internet where important advances are necessary to allow end-users to perceive a good quality of experience. The network technologies objectives consist of the definition and validation of new proposals for the efficient transport of high bandwidth, real-time data flows in a decentralized way where the network provides mechanisms to seamlessly request and configure devices to increase the quality of experience perceived by end-users. Furthermore, new experiences with layer 2 networks and a cross-layer design will be tested with high bandwidth demanding media services. An important objective is to develop, evaluate in depth and implement on diverse platforms , a new low latency transparent bridge protocol based in on-demand path set up, suitable for campus and data center networks. The global result will be an integrated and independent advancement in future media Internet protocols, algorithms, switching architectures and standards.
This work is at: 10th IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing with Applications, took place July 10-13, 2012 in Madrid, Spain.
Business-oriented, Cloud computing, Multimedia
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10th International Symposium Parallel and Distributed Processing with Applications, IEEE (2012) pp. 448-453