E-SRF : Electronic Service Request Forms

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What is described in this document is the work of making a big improvement in a company changing the manual method to request diff erent things in a company into an informatized method where the users won't need so much eff ort and time to do the same things. Lots of hours from this project have been expended in meetings between team workers, partners, IT managers, other department managers and people from other companies. At the beginning it was to agree the product to be utilized and the type of licenses and sometimes it was to defi ne the requirements, flows, design or discuss what to use in the di fferent departments. Finally one software have been used as a principal tool to design the basic product and processes and one purpose has kept in mind, to don't make a big difficult change for the end users when they start with the new product. The software chosen was Adobe LiveCycle ES2 which was a good tool to work with because it becomes very intuitive after a few days. Leveraging this software, the company could focus on a uni ed environment that standardized documents layout in a single, based on XML1 and data, enhancing consistency across a wide range of communications. The company will be able also to leverage the full suite of LiveCycle ES products to integrate production needs with integrated electronic business process solutions.
Desarrollo Web, Gestión por procesos, Comercio electrónico
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