Guideline to apply the ISO 90003:2004 Standard to SMEs of software development

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By undertaking this Final Career Project I have tried to accomplish two main goals: • The main goal has been adapt the ISO 90003:2004 standard to SMEs software development company (purposing norms, procedures, work instructions for every one of the guideline sections), and as an example I have created a Web application named Booking Books. • The second goal has been, by developing the software product with a level of quality accepted and recognized, get certified in the ISO 9001:2008 standard. I hope that all software development SMEs take a firm decision to adapt the standard ISO 9001:2008 or other standard of quality, in order to motivate them to improve their quality and thus be more competitive. The certification is not only a necessity in terms of quality; the standard can keep out of the business to the weaker companies, as it is becoming a prerequisite to have certifications in order to do business.
Control de calidad, Empresas, Informática, Web, Diseño de software
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